Kris' goal was to reduce, organize and keep her costs minimal. We cleared out multiple areas of her home, cleaned and then worked together to adjust placement and categorize based on her needs. We also made safety adjustments for her two kittens that roam her home.


Stephanie's second bedroom had become a storage area but she wanted a room where she could host guests on the fly. We worked to minimize storage and re-designed the room to ensure it can be converted quickly and give relatives and friends closet space when they come to town. We were also able to open up storage in Stephanie hallway pantry and create shelving that allowed her to reach items she uses most often.



Sara wanted to get storage shelving out of the way and open valuable real estate in her kitchen. We worked to reorganize her kitchen, allowing shelved items to find new homes within her current cabinet space. Then we gave the kitchen new life by adding a pantry beside the fridge.